For more than 30 years, Yanger Law Group, P.A., has protected the hard work and investments of small to medium-sized businesses throughout Florida, across the country and throughout the world. The firm has established a track record of success in business litigation, built on acumen and the vision that comes with extensive experience in court. We are also adept at helping our clients with formation issues, the purchase and sale of businesses and business properties, and the avoidance of lawsuits through knowledgeable advice and counsel.

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We understand the business concerns and priorities of our clients and provide representation that meets those goals. This includes striving to limit fees and increase the value of our representation. You will be provided a clear understanding of all available legal options at each step in the process, as well as the risks and expenses associated with each.

Our attorneys move proactively, developing realistic business services and strategies and delivering solutions that are tailored to the client's needs. By developing realistic expectations of what will happen tomorrow, we can better prepare for the future and use today to achieve the goals of our clients.

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