Business Litigation Attorneys Serving Florida

Whether you are initiating litigation, or you are being sued, it is important that you protect your company and your interests with seasoned representation. The Yanger Law Group, P.A., has the business savvy and experience to help you work out disputes inside and outside of the courtroom. We have worked with small and midsize businesses throughout Tampa and the surrounding communities of Florida.

Resolving Business Disputes Throughout Florida

One of the best ways you can protect your business when there is an impending dispute or business lawsuit is to hire a law firm with a wide-range of business litigation capabilities. Our law firm can provide representation at the local to national levels, as well as mediation, negotiation, litigation and appellate counsel. Being able to have knowledgeable counsel at any level or stage in the business litigation process is important. Our lawyers provide that key readiness for our business dispute clients.

If you are facing pending business litigation, call our law offices at 813-286-7025. Our firm routinely represents companies throughout the United States and the world with business interests here in Florida.

Experienced Business Litigation Attorneys: Tampa, Florida

We offer trial lawyers representation for corporate and commercial disputes that include:

  • Contract disputes — A vast majority of business litigation revolves around the contracts and agreements that structure business relationships and transactions, including breach of contract.
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes — We represent clients in breach of fiduciary duty, non-compete disputes, governance issues, dissolution, business divorce and all other disputes within partnerships and corporations.
  • Business torts such as fraud — We protect our clients' interests from financial harm due to fraudulent business practices and misrepresentation.
  • Employment litigation — The firm is known for its understanding of non-compete and other employment law litigation.
  • Copyright and trademark infringement — We protect the brand identity and intellectual property of our clients in all copyright, trademark and proprietary information disputes.
  • Business dissolution — Should a business or corporation require dissolution, we are equipped to handle litigation of any matters that might arise.
  • Promissory note disputes — Our attorneys are skilled in recovering the assets clients are owed on outstanding promissory notes through litigation.

If you are interested in discussing your potential business lawsuit with one of our business litigation lawyers in Tampa, we invite you to please reach out to us online.