Breach Of Fiduciary Duty — Florida Business Litigation

Fiduciary duty is the responsibility entrusted to a person of power to act in good faith on behalf of the company in matters related to the business's operations or finances. This is a legal obligation, and a breach of this duty can result in a lawsuit.

At Yanger Law Group, P.A., our attorneys routinely represent companies in seeking to hold fiduciaries accountable for any breach of fiduciary duty that has harmed the company.

Tampa Breach Of Fiduciary Duty Lawyer — Protecting Your Company From The Actions Of A Fiduciary

Through skilled case preparation, our business litigation attorneys will demonstrate to the court that:

  • The individual had a responsibility to the company as a fiduciary
  • The fiduciary failed to act in the best interests of the company and its stakeholders
  • The company experienced loss or damages in some manner because of the breach of fiduciary duty
  • The fiduciary used the power entrusted to him or her for personal financial gain, aside from salary or fees

Our attorneys have the experience and track record for success needed to instill confidence in our clients and command the respect of opposing parties. We are skilled in litigation and will aggressively advocate on your behalf.

Throughout the case, your business's goals and objectives are our utmost priority, and you will be equipped with the answers and information needed to make the best possible decisions for your company.

For skilled representation in handling a breach of fiduciary duty and protecting the interests of your company, please contact our law firm today at 813-286-7025 to schedule a consultation. Our firm will represents the interests of companies throughout the world facing disputes and litigation in Florida.