Corporate Dissolution Attorney In Tampa

The Yanger Law Group, P.A., provides corporate dissolution representation to businesses and corporations throughout Florida. Should initial shareholders or members of an LLC decide that they no longer wish to continue together in business, we help to develop a customized exit strategy or solutions for divesting a member.

Upon deciding the disband, an LLC can dissolve the corporation through a statutory process. This could be as easy as an administrative process, if all parties agree on all terms of the dissolution. The matter could escalate to litigation, however, if disputes arise. This is not uncommon during dissolution as there was often a reason the members decided to part ways, including usurpation of the corporation, breach of fiduciary duty, or violation of corporate governance by one or several of the parties involved.

Corporate Dissolution Lawyer In Tampa — Representation To Dissolve A Corporation Or LLC

We are equipped to skillfully represent the interests of our clients in these disputes, negotiating or litigating the terms of the business dissolution or pursuing legal action against offending parties.

In some cases, members of an LLC wish to remove another member or critical stakeholder. Our attorneys will guide you through the process of divestiture of that member. This often requires the involvement of the court. We will advise you of all legal options at your disposal, assisting in removing the member with minimal disruption to the business.

These can be delicate matters, but our lawyers are equipped with the experience, skill and business law acumen to ensure that your interests and that of the corporation are protected.

To discuss the possibility of corporate dissolution with our attorneys, please contact our Tampa, Florida, law offices today at 813-286-7025. Our firm advocates for companies with interests in Florida.