Injunction Attorney In Tampa

As companies work toward a resolution to a business dispute, an injunction must sometimes be instated immediately to force one party to cease a certain activity or fulfill a certain duty. This could include the spread of intellectual property or the sale of assets involved in the dispute.

Particularly in cases of intellectual property, injunctions are necessary to prevent the further spread of that information or any trade secrets vital to the company's competitive advantage. Such damage would be irreparable.

The attorneys of Yanger Law Group, P.A., will aggressively advocate on your behalf to the court to achieve the necessary injunction to protect your business interests as the case is moving toward resolution.

Injunction Lawyer In Tampa — Seeking Injunctive Relief In Florida During A Business Lawsuit

We will move to instate a preliminary injunction that will force the opposing party to cease the disputed activity or action. These are generally temporary orders that will remain in effect until a hearing for the injunction or until the matter is resolved. In many cases, the final resolution will produce a permanent injunction.

It can be difficult to gain a preliminary injunction unless the court feels that the situation is dire enough to require one. Drawing from factual scenarios, we will prove to the court that:

  • Irreparable damage, which would not be undone by the law, could occur if an injunction is not issued
  • Lack of an injunction would cause you more hardship during the dispute than your opposing party would suffer
  • An injunction is required for the greater good of the public

An injunction can be granted in a wide range of scenarios, including non-compete concerns, transfer of intellectual property, inventory and property issues, territory disputes or unfair business practices.

We will evaluate the circumstances of the case and provide you with a clear understanding of your legal options and how they might affect your business. Our attorneys equip you with the answers and information needed to make informed decisions that are best for your company.

To schedule an initial consultation to discuss the dispute at hand and the possibility of an injunction, please call our Florida law firm today at 813-286-7025. The firm represents companies throughout the United States, as well as internationally, facing disputes in the state of Florida.