Intellectual Property Attorney In Tampa

Yanger Law Group, P.A., represents business owners and companies throughout Florida in intellectual property disputes. This property is vital to a company's growth and competitive advantage, and its protection is of utmost importance.

If you discover that another party or company is utilizing your intellectual property, it is critical that you work with legal representation to ensure that this activity is stopped, avoiding damage to your brand or competitive advantage.

Tampa Intellectual Property Lawyer Preventing Misuse Of Your Company's IP

We work to protect the investment that you have made in the development of intellectual property and proprietary information, including:

Our firm is proactive, aggressively confronting illegal use of your IP at the first sign of infringement. We will first seek to resolve the matter through cease and desist letters and proceedings. If the other party or company refuses to cooperate, by not ceasing the activity or use of your information, we will take action. Our attorneys are experienced in business litigation, aggressively protecting the rights and property of our clients.

Noncompete Agreements

If you have an employee or former employee who has violated a noncompete agreement or nondisclosure agreement, we are prepared to hold that individual accountable, enforcing the terms of that contract.

To learn more about how our IP lawyers can protect your company's investment and competitive advantage, please contact our Tampa, Florida, law firm today at 813-286-7025. We litigate on behalf of companies globally with business interests in the state of Florida.