Buy-Sell Agreement Attorney In Tampa, Florida

At Yanger Law Group, P.A., we represent both companies and stakeholders throughout Florida in buy-sell agreement matters, protecting the interests of our clients in these proceedings.

Buy-sell agreements protect a company in the instance that a partner, co-owner or another critical stakeholder wishes to part ways with the business. This could be due to retirement, other obligations or division of property during a divorce. These agreements provide a buyout option for the company to seamlessly transition the stakeholder out of the company with minimal disruption, protecting both the company and the financial interests of the stakeholder.

Buy-sell agreements are set in place in advance, ideally during the formation stages of the company. They dictate how and when the owner may sell his or her interests, as well as who can buy that share of the company and what is to be paid.

Tampa Buy-Sell Agreement Lawyer — Protecting Shareholder Interests

Our attorneys provide new and existing companies knowledgeable guidance in the creation of these agreements. This includes comprehensively covering all conditions and contingencies to mitigate the risk of disputes when a stakeholder decides to leave the company.

If you are seeking to sell a share of your company, we will work with professional appraisers to ensure that you are provided an accurate value at which to sell. In most cases, the valuing process for a buy-sell agreement is stated in the company's operating agreement.

To learn more about the representation we can provide in buy-sell agreement creation and proceedings, please contact our Tampa, Florida, law firm today at 813-286-7025. We provide representation to both international and domestic clients.