Shareholder Agreement Lawyer In Tampa

At Yanger Law Group, P.A., we provide experienced legal guidance in the creation of shareholder agreements that protect the interests of both the corporation and individual shareholders.

Tampa Shareholder Agreement Attorney — Legal Guidance In Business Contract Drafting

A shareholders' agreement is set in place at the beginning of the business formation to provide clarity through the business's duration in case of a wide range of circumstances. This includes naming shareholders and a board of directors, as well as outlining criteria for who can be added as a shareholder or director. The agreement often details the type of shares that will be offered to all primary stakeholders. It may also include direction for how the company is to be run.

A solid shareholders' agreement also includes a buy-sell option with provisions for how and when a shareholder can leave the company. This could be in case of retirement, personal bankruptcy, divorce, shareholder disputes or simply because the individual wishes to leave the company. The buy-sell agreement will state who can buy that individual's share and how much is to be paid.

Many shareholders' agreements include a right of first refusal, requiring the departing shareholder to tell the corporation of plans to sell his or her share, allowing the corporation or other shareholders the opportunity to match any offers and purchase that share.

Customized Representation To Protect Shareholders

We will review the business goals of the corporation, as well as the objectives of the shareholders to draft an agreement that fully protects everyone involved, anticipating a broad range of scenarios and providing clarity for those potential circumstances.

Should an existing shareholder agreement become disputed, we are prepared to resolve the matter as efficiently as possible. Our lawyers are skilled litigators, equipped to protect your interests in the courtroom, if need be.

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