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Assisting Clients with a Wide Range of Immigration Law Matters

Many foreign nationals want to come to the United States for many different reasons. Whether you want to temporarily work in the U.S. or permanently reunite with beloved family members, you want to ensure you take the proper immigration steps. The American immigration system is confusing with constantly changing policies, so it can be difficult to know exactly what you need to do. The good news is that Yanger Law Group, P.A. is here to help.

Our Tampa immigration lawyers help clients in many types of situations and with many goals. The following are some examples of situations we handle, and please contact the office directly to discuss your specific immigration needs.

Business Immigration

Companies want the best talent possible when it comes to employees and, sometimes, the best candidates live in foreign countries. Our firm helps employers obtain the proper visas to allow employees to work in the United States on a short-term or long-term basis.

Family-based Immigration

Whether you want your fiancé to join you in the U.S. or you want to bring your parents to enjoy all that our country has to offer, our goal is to keep families together whenever possible. We assist clients in petitioning for family visas and green cards in many different situations.

Citizenship and Naturalization

If you or a loved one has a green card, you may naturally wonder when you might qualify to become a U.S. citizen. Our attorneys can review your eligibility and help you through the entire naturalization process, including proving newly-obtained citizenship for your children.

Immigration Court

Many immigrants are accused of violating immigration laws and face possible detention and removal proceedings. In this situation, you want to have the right defense representation from the very start. We fight against immigration allegations and work to prevent deportation.

Special Immigration Services

There are many other immigration matters that our firm can handle, including:

  • “Crimmigration” cases, in which criminal charges may affect your immigration status

  • Seeking asylum

  • U Visa and VAWA cases for crime and abuse victims

  • Temporary protective status

  • Civil rights cases

No matter what type of immigration questions you have, it is important that you comply with all relevant immigration laws and procedures. Our office listens to your goals and helps you find the right immigration solutions. Whether you need emergency assistance, need a nonimmigrant visa for an employee, or have the desire to get a green card and eventually become a full U.S. citizen, we can help.

Consult with a Tampa Immigration Lawyer about Your Situation

When you have immigration law concerns, Yanger Law Group, P.A. is ready to help. We work to protect your family and your future, and we can guide you through even the most complex immigration matters. Initial consultations are free, so you have nothing to lose by learning about our services. Call our Tampa office at 813-286-7025 or contact us online for more information.