Copyright Infringement Litigation: Experienced Attorneys

If you hold a copyright or trademark that someone has stolen or is using without your permission, it is important that you protect your copyright and your legal interests with experienced representation. Whether you want to stop an offending party from distributing a copyrighted work of yours or you are seeking monetary damages, we will seek all remedies that apply to your specific situation.

Copyright and trademark infringement issues can be complex as there are various bodies of intellectual property laws that can apply to a case. We have extensive knowledge of these laws and are here to serve your best interests. Contact us online today to discuss your potential lawsuit with one of our skilled lawyers.

Enforce Your Copyright and Trademark in Florida

The Yanger Law Group, P.A., represents businesses and individuals in federal and state court who have had protected information stolen or misappropriated. From intellectual property litigation to content piracy matters, we work with small and midsize businesses around the country to enforce copyright violations that have occurred in Florida.

  • Music and songwriting disputes
  • Authorship issues
  • Illustrations and photography
  • Books, movies and other entertainment mediums
  • Logo and trademark disputes
  • Confidential business information

Your original creations that have valid copyrights deserve all the protection that the law provides them with. We will advise you as to any immediate steps, such as filing for an injunction to stop distribution and then other legal options.

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